Plan the Most Memorable Wedding Ever with Photo Booth Hire in Geelong

The frenzy of wedding planning is a stressful time. You want to make sure that all of the guests have a great time, the place looks beautiful, and no one gets bored! The ideal solution to all of these troubles is to have a photo booth hire at your event. Every event needs a point of difference that makes it unforgettable. Choosing a photo booth hire in Geelong provides an interactive activity for guests to take part in at your wedding.

Plan the most memorable wedding ever by getting a photo booth hire in Geelong. Keep reading to find out more about hiring a photo booth to make memories that last forever.

What is a Photo Booth Hire?

Photo booth hire in Geelong is a wonderful option for weddings or even corporate events. It’s a simple concept – hire a photo booth to take photos of you and your guests. Photo booths will usually be set up in a curtained area to provide privacy while the photos are being taken. Often, props are provided to add some flair to your special day.

Photo booths immediately print the pictures taken from the machine itself. There will usually be multiple shots on one photo strip. You and your guests get to keep these to take home as a way to remember the day.

Why Use Photo Booth Hire?

Fun Activity

Photo booth hire is a fun activity for guests to do while at your reception. Sure, there’s music, dancing, and food. But hiring a photo booth can add an extra something special that’s interactive and fun. Plus, all the guests get to leave with a high-quality party photo!

Mementos of the Day

Photographers often don’t stay for the entire wedding reception. That’s where photo booths come in – to take over where the photographer left off.

The best part about photo booths is that they don’t just provide something for your guests to do but they also receive a keepsake afterwards. Guests will treasure being able to take photos that they can take home of your big day. You will love it too as you’ll have even more snaps from the event!

All Ages

The reason that many people don’t let guests bring children to their wedding is that if the kids get bored, they might start getting into trouble. If you’re going to have children at your event, a photo booth can keep them occupied all night long. Most kids love being silly, especially when there is a camera around. Let them use the photo booth to keep them busy for hours!

Photo Booth Prop Ideas

Any good photo booth requires props. Props often come with the photo booth hire, but you might want to add some of your own. That way, you can add your own unique flair and match the props to the theme of your wedding. Below are some prop ideas for photo booths to suit different wedding themes.


Why not bring everyone with you on your honeymoon? Not literally, of course! Get an island-inspired backdrop for your photo booth that matches your honeymoon destination. Other props to make it look like your guests are on an island getaway include colourful sunnies, flamingo pool floats, and Hawaiian shirts.


If you have a classic, elegant wedding theme, there are plenty of props you can source to tie in with this. For example, grab some faux flowers to create a fake wedding bouquet. Guests can pretend to throw and catch it in the photo! Another idea is to blow up some heart-shaped balloons that guests can hold or throw around in photos.


For simpler photos without gimmicky props, many couples create a gorgeous backdrop for guests to take photos in front of. You could make one from a beautiful piece of fabric that matches your wedding colours and turn it into a curtain. Then add flowers, ivy, or lights around the edges. This is a simple but stunning option for your photo booth.

What to Look for In A Photo Booth Hire Company

Unlimited Prints

Not all photo booths are the same. What the photo booth hiring company offers can take your photo booth from standard to exceptional. For example, look for a company that offers unlimited prints. Some companies offer packages of a certain number of prints when they rent out the party photo booth. The issue with this is that it will be a disaster if you run out of prints halfway through the event! Not everyone will have gotten a photo, and your guests will be disappointed to have missed out. At Unique Party Boutique, we offer unlimited prints along with our photo booth hire services.

Previous Events

Check out the company on social media before you hire them. That way, you can take a look at photos taken at previous events and see if their style is what you want for your photo booth.


Find and read some reviews of the photo booth hire company before you make a decision. This could be on social media, their website, or on Google My Business. This way, you will see comments and ratings from previous customers. If they have plenty of happy customers, then go for it!

Hiring a Photo Booth

Here at Unique Party Boutique, we have many satisfied customers who have used our services for photo booth hire in Geelong. Let us take your upcoming event to the next level by providing a photo booth for a fun and interactive experience.

We have more than one photo booth for hire to provide you with options to suit any type of event. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, we have the photo booth for you. Every event is different, but a photo booth can be adjusted to suit any type of event by adding different props and backdrops.


How Much Is Photo Booth Hire?

The top question that we get asked about our photo booth hire is how much it costs. We offer a photobooth for hire at prices to suit any type of event. Find photo booths that won’t break your budget by choosing our services. Get in touch with us now to get a quote for your photo booth hire.

Can You Provide A Wedding Photo Booth for An Open Air Wedding?

If you are having an open air wedding, we can still provide you with a photo booth. Simply set up the backdrop on your wedding day and we will set you up with a photo booth that can be used outside.

Can I Share the Photos to Social Media?

Our wedding photo booth prints out the photos taken on the day. Unfortunately, the photo booth won’t send you digital copies of the images. However, many people enjoy taking a picture of their photo strip to post to social media