Marble Coaster

Show your appreciation for your guests or loved one/s with a personalised marble coaster/place card. A beautiful yet practical sentiment that doubles as a gift that can be treasured and reused.

Our coasters add beauty to venue setups and your desk, coffee or dining table at home.

The product’s true marble creates a unique, none like the next, authenticity that is hand cut with permanent vinyl to suit your vision.

Can be personalised to include guest’ names in your desired font and colour.

Suitable for:
– Weddings and parties
– Birthdays
– Valentine’s day
– Business events
– Mother’s Day
– Anniversaries
– Significant events
– Baby showers
– Engagement parties
– Graduations
– Christenings
– Baptisms and dedications


Material – marble
90mm wide
6mm wide
112g weight

Hand Cut with permanent vinyl with the calligraphy of your choice in a variety of colours.

We are more than happy to work with you on a custom design. Please get in touch prior to ordering to discuss options.

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